Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hostel:Six Degrees- The Best In Jakarta

In Our first trip to Indonesia  after visiting the volcanic mountain Bromo near Probilingo we took a flight from Surabaya to Jakarta.It was night when we reached Jakarta the capitol city of Indonesia The Transjakarta airport bus was available even at that time may be the last shuttle  and we reached the central bus station.Now the question is how to reach our Hostel from there and it is already nearing 10 pm.

We went to one of the Taxi drivers and just started asking way to the Hostel  Six Degrees.Immediately one of them gave a smile,shook his head and said he knows the place very well.That is how the Hostel has gained its reputation among Tourists.A great relief because in Indonesia it is difficult to find persons who can understand and speak English.

This Hostel is located in the heart of Jakarta and nearer to the Train station is run by an Irish man along with his local girls and boys.My stay in this hostel was really comfortable and I was able to meet an Indian Travel Blogger which made me to start this Blog.

This Hostel is equipped with a big TV screen where you can watch Movies,a bar area where you can get hot water,Coffee and Tea,Roof top garden,pool,a ping pong table,a billiards table and is nearer to street food.It has both private rooms and dormitory type accommodation's but common bath rooms.

You will be provided with code and you have to pin it to enter the Hostel.There are soft drinks and beer available near the reception.You have to enter the qty against your room or bed number which can be settled at the time of vacation.A unique Hostel to give this service and Trust on its inmates.You can see someone at the reception only up to 8 pm in the night.Breakfast is served with Coffee or Tea and are sumptuous enough to fill up your stomach.

The Hostel displays the tourists spot which are near to this Cikini  Raya area.One can get a clear picture about the islands in Indonesia.Both Train and Bus routes are clearly displayed and person in the desk is very helpful when you ask questions.

A clean environment through out the hostel and I do not have any complaints.Good restaurants and travel services are located in the same complex which will be able to meet ones demand.The antique street is only a walkable distance from this Hostel.

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