Monday, January 4, 2016

Have You Ever Explored All The Beaten Paths Of Siem Reap

Do you know that all travellers love getting outside a beaten path.Every one of us would like to go as far away from the Tourists spot as possible.In the old times before the Internet we used sit and read the Travel diary of fellow travellers.They used to give a lot of information on the Adventurous trails,paths,beautiful spots,hidden water falls,mesmerising mountains and so on.

But that Tradition has vanished completely now and all of us rely on the bloggers.We have stopped taking notes from the Travel diaries of fellow passengers which are still available in old Hostels and you get collosal informations which you do not find in Blogs.

This adventurous escape by hiring  a local man to show us a cave in the deep jungles,or take a local fisherman in his wooden canoe to go out to a unhibited island is slowly disappearing.Even travel had its own adventures hoping on an open jeep ,mingling with the locals,enjoying the scenes and smells.

That does not mean that this type of Travel is for Budget Backpackers .No we allowed the uncertainity and never blamed the systems in place in that parts of the country.But nowadays including the Backpackers are all in search of Arranged and Guided tours.So it has become a

necessity to know about the Tours available and what all can be covered with in our budget.The stay in a place has also become very less with maximum of Three Nights only.Renting a car or hiring a Tuk Tuk to go around and see the places have become the norm of the day.

In this process we unknowingly increase the carbon foot prints.Ah I forget to mention the Air travel with in a country as budget air lines like Airasia,Firefly,Cebu Air have made it to hop on with in a country.In the end we end up spending a huge sum and we drop our plans to go and see another picturseque destination.

We have to keep our trips simple and amazing.Yes I can find the beaten path everywere but to travel the unknown terrtiories enjoying the receipes on the go is the real joy of Travelling.

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