Monday, January 5, 2015

Do You Know What Wet Market Means

Transporting Vegetables to faraway places without loosing the freshness is a challenge to many growers.But in SE Asia especially in Hongkong the challenge is met with ease with the growers pack these vegetables in Light weight Thermocole boxes without loosing the green in them.The traders trade these vegetables in the Wet markets.How the got the name is the floor being cleaned with water frequently to keep them fresh and the floor remains wet always.

Not only Vegetables fresh meat and fish also are being sold in these markets.Nowadays Government encourages these type of markets where the growers are able to bring their produce and sell directly to consumers.These markets avoid many middle men and free from cold storage which is norm in Super Markets.They replenish the goods two times a day once in the morning and one in the afternoon.And one can get good bargains at the end of close in the evening times.

Not only local items but special food items which have a flavour with local floating population of the neighbourhood have found their way into these markets of late.But it is indeed a boom to the locals who once upon a time wait for the weakly market to buy their fresh vegetables.

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