Thursday, February 11, 2016

Taman Negara Trails And Distance A quick Guide To Grad Tripper

Taman Negara has many attractions including the Canopy walk,Jungle trekking,Teresek Hill,Night Safari,Rapid Shooting,Visit to an Orang Asli Village,Rear Inner Jungle Keniam Trail and so on so forth.But To get an idea of your adventure inside the forest you need a map and distance.Here I provide an approximate distances of different locations inside the jungle.From Kuala Tahan jetty take a motor oat to cross to the Mutiara TN Resort.It costs only One Ringett to cross the river.

1.To lubok Simpson  500m 2.Bumbun Tahan  200m
3,Canopy Walkway  1200m 4.Bukit Trersek   1700 m
5,Bumbun Tabing  3100m 6.Bumbun Cegar Anjing  2900 m
7.Lubok Lesong  3800 m 8.Gua Tellngga  2600m
9.Bumbun Blau  3000 m 10,Bumbun Yong  3900 m
11.Kemah Keladong  4400m  12.Bukit Pecah Piring  5500 m

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