Thursday, February 23, 2017

Roots : Bali Wooden Art Sculptors Made From Roots

Wonderful Indonesia  a place where all cultures,civilization converge and still has its roots in its place.That is what the impression I get whenever I visit Indonesia.There is no dearth of art in various forms spreading its roots in all walks of life.How even with globalization and Jakarta

with its maximum skyscrapers in the world still able to main its roots on the ground and in fact deep into the soil. is the attraction to backpackers to Indonesia and its 15000 diverse archipelago islands.It will take minimum 45 years to completely visit all islands even if you start now.

No doubt Taman mini has the replica of all the cultures which is in vogue now and their customs are depicted in an attractive manner.In fact that is the place where most tourists and think that they have seen Wonderful Indonesia in a day trip.Every thing stops with that. 

Unless you have backpack and walk around the streets you will miss to feel the roots of any civilization.Indonesia is full of ethnic materials with gamelan sets,traditional costumes worn by street artists, and an outstanding collection of shadow puppets made of traditional leather materials. 

As I walk down the streets in Bali I come across many shops which sell these art facts made of roots of trees.Whereas the stone sculptors mostly are of Lord Buddha,Women,Soldiers these wooden ones have animals,birds,mammals etc s their main theme .

Even I could note  a restaurant with its name as THE ROOTS.The Indonesians have entwined their lives with the nature and still brace the odds of Volcanoes and eruptions and earthquakes and still carry on with their life with a beautiful smile and a warm welcome to the visitors.

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