Thursday, July 3, 2014

From Past Files- Houses in Indonesia

Home sweet home.All of us long to be back in our home after spending time outside.And also we are curious to know what is inside when we visit any new home.In Jakarta we decided to visit the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah National Park.We took the normal public bus to reach this location which is about 25 km from central Jakarta..But we went late by noon.One must be here at the opening of the park so that you can visit all the attractions leisurely and without skipping anyone.We were attracted by the model of the houses of the 27 provinces (current 33 )in Indonesia.In that we were able to peak in their houses without annoying anyone.

Indonesia,Jakarta,Taman Mini,Province Houses

This included the East Timor house.After the session of Eat Timor it was converted to a Museum and new provinses Banga Belitung,Bantan,West Sulawesi,North Maluku,Corontalo,West Papua are being constructed newly.These houses show the integral culture of Indonesia.

Indonesia,Jakarta,Taman Mini,Province Houses

They have specific design of houses for storing Rice as you see one in below.These showcases the many facets of Indonesian people from the past and you wont be surprised when you visit the provinces still people follow these traditions and cultures.

One must have a nerve to visit the interior Indonesia to visit the Badui community ,a small group of people living in Kendent mountain and I was told that Cannibals are there in the remotest part and was advised not to venture alone.I want reactions from readers who have visited the remotest part of Indonesia and clear the fear out of me.

Indonesia,Jakarta,Taman Mini,Province Houses

These houses are built on wooden poles which are 8 feet in height to prevent floods entering the house and damage the property and also safe from wild animals.These houses are divided into many sections with family quarters,children rooms,prayer house and place for conducting ceremonies.Sometimes a whole village lives in these long houses.

Indonesia,Jakarta,Taman Mini,Province Houses

We saw in one of the houses horns of wild animals were fixed.May be this is done to ward off evil spirits.I took a photo of my second daughter to give her confidence so that no evil will touch her in her life time to come. 

Will you be interested to own a house like this and live happily?

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