Sunday, July 6, 2014

Travel Bites-Go By The Culinary Book

As I go on Globe trotting I come across Hostel;s,Home stays ,Street Joints where  I experience the taste of Local food at affordable prices.Being a vegetarian I have to see the food preparation with my own eyes before ordering them.Many times these little street chiefs give a big smile when I order my vegetarian combination to them and they are happy to see me devouring the food and not wasting anything.In places where I cannot communicate with the chefs like in Hongkong I am satisfied with Bread,Bun and fresh fruit juices.But I strictly follow these rules when I order my food.

1.There are several apps to check your food if it is safe to consume or not.

2.Avoid cut vegetables and fruits.Buy whole new ones and slice them yourself.

Koulen Restaurant,Apsara Dance,Siem Reap,Cambodia
3.Always I boil the water and fill them up in bottles.Carry safe drinking water with you

4.Make sure to order for steamy hot foods

5.Do not eat Unpasteurised Yogurt,Butter and other Milk products when you are in Travel

6.Drink lightly as alcoholic contents vary from place to place.I missed my early morning flight in Manila to Hongkong after drinking Philippines Pine apple Beer in Intramuras area and it cost me heavily,4 times my advance booking fare including my lost refund.

7.Follow WHO guidelines on food which is adopted by many travellers throughout the world.

Some famous food names in Asia are Roti Canai,Tech O,Sanbal Blachan,Nasi Lemak in Malaysia,Panang Curry,Khao Soi in Thailand,Nasi Gorang,Rendang Tofu,Lawar Ayam,Rujak,Acar Kuning,Gado Gado in Indonesia,Banh Mi Roll ,Ban Xeo,Pho Chay in Vietnam,Idli,Vadai,Masala Dosai,Naan,Pulav in India

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