Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dangerous Fall In Good Company

Drowning takes many lives and I do not want my fellow Backpackers to be a part of it.Never play with water if you do not know swimming.Always talk to the locals about the water conditions before you take a plunge.I have read many articles on Tubing in Laos and how it is banned now.Our life is precious.Live to enjoy life and do not venture for the sake of fun.Below I give some statistics about the loss of human life in US for Travel Enthusiasts.


37 %-By Drowning

23 %-By Motor Vehicle Accidents

18 %-By Fall

4 %-By Exposure To Heat or Cold

3 %-By Plane Crash

2 %-In Avalanche

1 %- By Bicycle Accident

0.9 %-By Poisoning

0.6 %-By Animal Attack

And Heat is the Primary cause of Fatigue for Lonely Backpackers.

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