Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tourists : Do's and Dont's When You Travel

The universe has come very near to everyone of us after the Internet found its way in our hand phones.All the time we are always on a fear of loosing something.A long waited call, a friends invite to party,reminders to keep us engaged all day-all at the cost of our time to ourselves thanks to the communication era. In spite of that going places in both domestic and foreign has become a way of life irrespective of gender and age.

There is no dearth of places and sky is the limit.This Tourism is what driving many economies in the world which in turn generates employment across the country.And in fact all of us are doing the CSR activities in a big way unknowingly.


1.Always stay in Hostels run by the family members.You help them to sustain on their own.

2.Eat street restaurants run by families for ages and in which food are fresh and authentic.

3.Always take fresh juices being prepared in front of your eyes.

4.Use the local transport either a Tuk Tuk,Rickshaw,Bi Cycle,Eco Mopeds Etc.


1.Never go with a Universal Tour Operator in sight seeing trips.Directly engage a local operator.You save at least 20% in commission.

2.Stay away from star hotels.Look for local budget hotels.

3.Shy away from Big Big Amusement parks which charges exorbitant entry fees.

4.Avoid packed foods and drinks and go for locally brewed liquor which are cheap.

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