Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Have You Ever Seen Catching Prints In Jogja Embroidery Loom Works

As times change ,the work of artistic Embroidery also moves away from traditional countries to new populated ones in search of cheap destinations to compete with growing nations.Entrepreneurs finds new means of selling their products in the competitive environment to achieve their passion.Countries once were leaders in textiles have given way to new regions and look helplessly in the changing scenario.

With the advent of Internet the buyer is able to see the environment,the machines used,the people working on it from remote locations and is happy with the end product.Being a part of Dutch once many of the products share the high pitched all embracing designs of the Dutch colonist eras.

A task which demands a rare degree of design inputs which challenges the local craftsman and their colonial clients.These places are not homes but also an library of embroidery.They experiment with principles of modern designs  to reflect the age old craft traditions that evolved in the tropical landscape.

The Indonesians adapted the key elements that came to them from overseas by incorporating them into their own animist  beliefs.The designs not only are ancient trees revered and wrapped around in matching prints  but boasts of a more subtle system of beliefs in the powers of the earth.

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