Sunday, May 4, 2014

Visa : Visa On Arrival At Manila Airport,Philippines

It is a nightmare for Backpackers to visit Embassy and stamp their passport with visa sanction to enter a country.But off late many countries are wooing Tourists with no visa fees for a stay of 14 days in their country.It helps many families to enter the country and see the places of interest without shelling any currency towards fees.The Air fares are also very cheap if you travel from major airports like Kulalumpur in Malaysia.Many Philippines air lines have a very attractive discount fares to reach Manila.

El Nido,Philippines

It was midnight when I landed in Manila International airport.It was raining heavily outside.When the Immigration officer asked me about my plans and was very happy to hear that I will be taking the morning flight to Pureto Princesa to see the UNESCO World Heritage Famous Underground River and will be going to El Nido to enjoy the pristine beaches.All VOA on arrival is valid for 14 Days stay in Philippines.One can get an extension by paying  USD 25 and can get it from designated immigration offices in Philippines.I was well prepared with the following documents to show to the Immigration officer.

1.Three  passport size photographs

2.Latest bank statement showing a decent balance

3.Xerox copies of my Passport with Six months validity.

4.Immigration form duly filled in

5.No Visa fees for first 2 weeks stay.

6.Onward Air ticket copy of my travel to Puerto Princesa in Palawan  and back to Hongkong

7.My Hostel bookings receipt in Manila and in Hongkong

But he did not ask for any of these and I entered Philippines and along with many travellers looked for a place to spend the night in Airport.Many locals were taking all the places where the can lie down and sleep.Because most of the flights to faraway islands leave early morning hours People were arriving throughout the night to catch these domestic flights.

Have you at any time slept on an Airport floor?How was your experience?

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