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Visa : Visa On Arrival At Phuket,Thailand

Thailand is a favourite place for Backpackers from all over the world.This was made possible by the shooting of the film The Beach acted by Leonardo Decaprio in one of the uninhibited islands in 70 s and now a destination packed with Tourists throughout the year.Maya Bay the main attraction in Phuket will be filled with Tourists  and speed boats when you see it at Mid day.

Visa,VOA,Phuket,Thailand,Maya Bay
 It was evening when we landed in Phuket from Jakarta.The immigration was very simple as we had 1000 Bahts note ready for each of us to pay the fees.We were well prepared with the following documents to show to the Immigration officer.

1.Three  passport size photographs

2.Latest bank statement showing a balance of 20000 THB for each of us

3.Xerox copies of our Passport with Six months validity.

4.Immigration form duly filled in

5.Visa fees of 1000 THB per person.

6.Onward ticket copy of our travel to KL in Malaysia and back to Singapore

7.My Hostel bookings receipt in Malaysia and in Singapore

But he did not ask for any of these and we entered Thailand and along with many travellers looking for the Government Yellow pick up bus to take us to Central Phuket bus station.It was dark when we reached the Central bus station.The place was empty.No local Blue buses and only a Toyoto cruiser was there with driver.The Phuket town public life comes to halt by 6 pm and their night life starts in beaches which goes throughout the night.

The next day morning I got into a Songtaew Blue bus and reached Airport to escort mu First daughter who is coming from Singapore in the early morning flight.The Airport Arrival lounge was filled with Limo,Land cruiser,BMW cars all in Black colour decorated with flowers.I instantly knew that a big wedding party is arriving by a chartered plane and all these cars are lined up to take them to the resort where the marriages are being conducted for a whole week.Phuket has become a destination for wealthy businessmen to conduct the marriages away from the eyes of local crowd.

Will you plan a wedding in Thailand?How many people will you invite?

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