Monday, April 7, 2014

Action Shifts To Sea -Experience The Pirate Boat Sailing In Hongkong

No wonder you will be wishing a trip on old junk boats in sea from Victoria Harbour in Hongkong.Very often tourists take the cheap ferry trip to see the 44 high rise buildings lighted up when the Symphony Of Lights show starts.But imagine travelling in a 60 year old chinese ship with sails and a hand pump to flush water out.It is a life time opportunity for one.

The renovated Aqualuna is one of Hongkong's most popular hand crafted junk boats using age old designs and materials ,with its notorious red flags against a traditional wooden flooring and wall hangings.It moves around a stress free 45 minutes trip along the skyline in Victoria Harbour and you can have relaxed atmosphere enjoying the sunset,stunning harbour views and the building get lit slowly.The boat was named after a in famous cheung chau island  pirate who used to terrorise this waters.

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