Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Do You like The Cantonese Culture Of Hongkong

Hongkong is the worlds rich financial capital and you will wonder how this small vibrant city is going ahead in full steam to beat everyone .Many travellers and especially Backpackers skip Hongkong thinking that it has nothing to offer and costly to stay.I defer with this view as I stayed more than 8 days by default as I cut my stay in Macau and decided to be in Hongkong. Hongkong has got everything to offer and short stay travellers have plenty of things to choose from be either a hiking trail,a boat ride,Dolphin hunting,see house on struts in backwaters,Para sailing,Kayaking,Mountaineering.Sign boards like this guide you to your destination without asking for help.

Hongkong, Bruce Lee, Museums, Trams,

You name any sport all are there in Hongkong and that is the reason it is flooded with Mainlanders on weekends.You need minimum a week to see all the places of interest be it markets,Horse racing,The symphony of lights.The list is endless.You have cheap options like tram,bus,tube to go to any corner of Hongkong.And there are many cheap guest houses available in Internet.Food is very cheap and juices and drinks always there are cheap sales.People wait for the closing offers and grab them like anything.Do not miss to go and see Bruce Lee Museum and you need half a day to literally grasp his magic.As a Backpackers I love walking around and taste the local food and enjoy the scenary around me.Will you explore Hongkong like I have done?

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