Monday, April 14, 2014

Dolphin:Chinese White Dolphins at Sunset cruise in Tai O village

The Tourists and Tour operators in Hongkong never missto take you  to  Lantau island to see the Bronze Buddha.and the Budhist Monastry which is undergoing renovation now.But many miss to visit 'Venice of Hongkong' the Tai O village which once upon time called the piracy island.

Cruise, Dolphins, Hongkong, South East Asia, Sunset, Tai O, Temple,

 The Stilt houses running along the banks of the river is a very good Tourist attractions.There is a steel  hanging bridge which connects the two halves of the village.One can see old houses destroyed by a fire in 2000 and are being rebuilt.This fishing village is famous for its dried catches from the sea.It was once a  famous for salt production area

Cruise, Dolphins, Hongkong, South East Asia, Sunset, Tai O, Temple,

But now the tourists take trips around to see the old stilt houses,old village huts,and  a 1699 chinese temple.Some locals arrange a guided tour of the village by walking around and on a small boat navigating through the narrow river and showing their culture of  living in stilt houses.

I was very fortunate to go for the Sunset cruise in a small boat and I can see these amazing chinese white Dolphins playing around in good numbers.This experience is very attractive and the local boat man charge a small fee of 20 HK$ for a 30 minute cruise which is very very cheap compared to Hongkongs costly living standards..

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