Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jeepney One Of The Many Modes Of Transport In Philippines

Filipinos mode of transport is very very different from all other countries.Whether it is a pedi cab,a tricycle ,a motor cycle rikshaw,the boats  and the famous Jeepney.All these vehicles have been indigeneously built by Filipinos in Philippines to meet their requirement.Be it a mountain climb,a mud terrain,a city transport or a long distance bus.or a ferry ship to transport people from one Island to another.All these vehicles have been built by putting together parts from different countries a engine from Japan,a chasis from an old U.S Militiary scrap, shock absorbers from Indonesia like so on.They meet the people requirements a cheap and comfortable Transport system. Jeepney tops all of them with bright vivid dashing colours,a good seating capacity,simple row of seats,a bell to attract the driver,enough space to carry merchandise on top sometimes people too.

These Jeepney ply from one end of a town to another end with fixed routes marked boldly on the wind screen and have designated notorious stops.But you can stop and get in where ever you are if they are pretty empty.But normally these vehicles will be overcrowded and even you will find difficult to breathe and cry for fresh air.They have a fixed fare of 8 pesos in Manila and in another places it depends on the distance you have travelled.The Jeepneys are being used for all forms of transfer of goods and not only to take people.In places like Banaue Tourists have to hire a Jeepney as a whole to reach Sagada caves and Batad Rice Terraces.Since these do not have ant air con one can have a good breathe of fresh air in mountains and heavy smoke in Maila.

Would you like to have  a ride in Jeepney?How about you?

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