Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Disconnect To Reconnect -Borobudur & Prambanan Temple A UNESCO World Heritage Site,Indonesia

We started early from Yogyakarta to visit the World famous Borobudur and Prambanan Temples which is about 40 Kms away.The word Borobudur comes from Sanskrit word Vihara Buddha Uhr meaning Buddhist Monastery On the hills. This worlds largest Buddhist monument sits pretty in the middle of  One of Indonesia active volcano Merapi and widely considered as one of the Seven wonders of the world.

Many Tourists make it a point to visit this Temple to have the Morning Sun rise and evening Sun set view which will be cherished in their memory lanes for rest of their life.Borobudur becomes the central meeting place for all the Buddhists in Indonesia and in the world on the Waisaki day which is being celebrated as the enlightenment day of Buddha.

No doubt Borobudur is Indonesia nations famous icon of heritage.The temple was constructed out of huge stone boulders in a Pyramidal shape.The temple was discovered in the year 1815 after 10 centuries buried under volcanic ash.People claim that this temples has the best stone carvings of Buddha ever made in the world.

The ten levels in this complex symbolises the three divisions of Buddhas cosmic system namely Kamadhatu(the world of desire),Rupadhatu(the world of forms),Arupadhatu(the world of formlessness).More than 504 Buddhas statues are placed around the complex..

But many can be seen headless due to the vandalism till the site was saved by the Save Borobudur, campaign a UNESCO and Indonesian government initiative launched in the year 1968.Top of the monuments were crowned by bell shaped stupas.When one sees from a helicopter view the whole complex looks like a Mandala and represents Indian and Indonesian architectures.

As we walk up to the other higher levels we could notice Buddha in sitting postures in the bell shaped circular stupas.This temple was constructed 400 years before Angkor Wat in Cambodia was built.At the time of the waisaki festival after completing the rituals the 15000 strong crowds goes for a deep meditation observing complete silence in the vicinity of the complex.

According to Mahayana form of Buddhism considers the travel to Borobudur is a pilgrimage itself and climbing the levels both physically and spiritually will entail oneself to salvation. 

The Prambanan temple consists of 11 temples built in a 4 squares form with Shiva,Vishnu and Brahma leading all Trimurti's of Hindu Gods.These temples are higher than the Borobudur temples.The relief panels portraying Kalpatau,Garuda were widely known in Indonesia and still being followed in many Natural organisations.

The reliefs also has real life bird which one sees in Indonesia now and some were far away remote places in the Island.This temple has panels showing Ramayana which is being enacted in Indonesia now.But the whole complex is being reconstructed after the massive earthquake in 2006.

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