Wednesday, January 1, 2014

That Was My First Glimpse of City of Venice Iin Malaysia

After a short travel of about 3 hours from Kuala Lumpur I reached Melaka the capital State of Malacca in the late evening.It was getting dark very early since the UNESCO World Heritage city falls under a tropical climate.A good Tourists crowd was there in the Bus Station.All of us were waiting for the Bus no 171 to take us to the city from the Interstate Bus Terminal which is situated at a far away place from the central square.

Melaka City of Venice in Malaysia

There were quite good number of backpackers waiting to board the Bus.Finally the Bus arrived and we were let in one by one.Unfortunately the Bus Driver could not speak English when the Tourists asked for a particular destination to buy the ticket.

Melaka City of Venice in Malaysia

A school boy who was also going to the city came forward and started telling the driver in Malay.That solved the problem for the Tourists and all of us got into the Panorama Melaka bus.Many of us preferred to stand and a Spanish couple were quickly searching their hotel location  in their notebook

Melaka City of Venice in Malaysia

 The ride to the city square took more than 30 minutes and when I finally tried to figure out the stop for getting down ,it was dark outside.Only after getting down I realised that I got down two stops ahead and had to walk a pretty distance of more than one KM with my back pack on.But that was blessing in disguise. 

Central Square in Melaka City of Venice in Malaysia

The place where I got down was the central place from where one can take the different streets to see the Heritage town of Melaka .The unbelievable beauty of the surroundings with lot of Tourists and I was feeling that I was in a little Wonderland with the singing birds tweeting in the night calmness and it began to rain.

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