Friday, January 3, 2014

Great Heights of Melaka River Cruise

Having decided to take the night River cruise I just ran to join the long serpentine group in the wharf.Lot of children were eagerly waiting to get into the boat.As we moved out into the River a cool breeze welcomed us.The buildings on both the sides of the canal were lit with colourful lights and it was a mesmerising sight.many tourists boats were there on the river and one could hear the shrieks,shouts,laughter of the people as they pass a boat.

We just passed a bridge which was illuminated with neon lamps and in different colours.Many visitors were standing on the bridge and were enjoying the scenery as the boats passed under them.It was a perfect setting for any one to spend the evening with a threatening clouds hovering above..

One more amazing thing was that the buildings had beautiful arts depicting the scenes from local culture,tradition arts ,day to day scenes on the road,Historical occurrences ,Cartoons,Famous Leaders,Sun Gods and many more.With lights focused on the characters had come into life in that mystical night.

As we reached the other end of the boat trip and took a u turn  the boat audio came alive and explaining the buildings on both sides as we passed by.It was a nice narration and I could imagine the past glory of Melaka  and how the city was an important destination for the spices trade  and slowly it lost its glory to ally Singapore.

The River cruise after sunset blows away your blues and one gets more relaxed in the ambiance.There were quite good number of restaurants facing the canal and lit with candle light tables.Many locals come to Melaka only to dine and taste the rice ball stuffed with vegans and meat,pineapple tarts,Nasi Lemak and Nasi Goreng .

Many Foreigners were in groups in those restaurants enjoying the evening and looking to the ethnic crafts sold by the local hawkers.I could see a big water wheel on one of the spots along the cruise.No doubt this cruise is a great attraction drawing tourists from all over the world.

I could imagine how this Little city with a lovely past mingles with the present fast  life.Tourists from Singapore flock this place on a day tour as it is only 3 hours drive for them and get a satisfaction of adding a UNESCO Heritage Town in their itinerary. 

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