Thursday, January 9, 2014

Erotic !! Cultural Street Scenes of Melaka

A Travel Blogger's main agenda is to reach out to the unexplored places in a city ,do the research and publish the Blog.All the time one will be searching for the untold truths in that place forgetting the present and enjoying the scenes around .This time during my Travel to Melaka I decided to spend time with my surroundings rather than running around taking pictures which puts me under pressure to deliver the quality stuff.

Street Scenes Of Melaka

A boy was ready to hold a tamed Python in front of the Wheels of Fortune!! and his Mother eagerly instructing him to pose for a memorable shot.There was also a long Lizard for tourists to touch and take snaps with it.

One could see a group of School children coming out of the national Maritime Museum and walking towards the Rotating Tamang Seri to have a 360 Degree view of  the Melaka city from a height of 80 meters.

A great demand was posing with Pythons as I feel there are banned in their home countries or may be very expensive for a photo shoot..

Some school were indulging in with cookies,Chocalates,Ice creams in a shop and were taking packs for home also.There was a great demand for Iced tea and coffee products as there was a promotion buy two take one free sale going on.

A quite good number of Tourists were buying fresh fruits from a street vendor and there by preventing  the environment with unwanted plastic bottle garbage piling up.It has been proven fact  that Juices have to be drunk with in 30 minutes of crushing the pulp and storage is not advisable.

A Boy was taking a photograph in his i- pad of a yellow colour fruit grown in Japanese Bonsai Technology.

A little Toddler in wheels and his family members following.I foresee that the world commerce in the years to come will be completely dependent on the traveller and the country must shed their inhibitions in welcoming the Foreign Tourists.

Yet another college girls from the Boardwalk after shooting the Street Art of Melaka and the guys were busy in their hand phones enticing their girlfriends to hurry up join them with out wasting time on make up and not to miss the fun around.

A middle aged man concentrating on his camera to take a candid shot of the river background.He was being disturbed by the squirky sounds of the young girls.I hope finally he would have taken a nice shot to show his wife that he actually had been to Melaka to enjoy the UNESCO Hertage Sites !!

Ha ha,again a photo session with the Greenary at the background and noisy boats passing in the canal at regular intervals.

Yes I am tired after this long session on the streets and going to take a break under the Singing Birds shady trees on the bank of the Melaka River .

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