Thursday, January 2, 2014

Singing Birds in City of Melaka in Malaysia

Having got down in the wrong Bus stop I decided to take the night tour of the town.I put my things in the Hostel and immediately started back to the central square so as  not to waste the precious time available to me.Any short stay traveller either sees the night landscape or the day time view of the city during his travel.For Budget travellers always it is a 2 night 1day halt in a place.

What a great Surprise was in store in front of the Hostel.In the rush for searching the Hostel I did not pay much attention to the great attraction of Melaka .The Menara Taming Sari was there with a serpentine crowd in front to get the tickets for the ride.I decided to come back later if I had time and started walking to the Square.

On the right about 500 meters from my Hostel  a huge ship a replica of a Dutch ship called Flor Do Mar and it houses two museums.I am always in fond of Museums.The Museums tell us the past history of the place and I feel always the present experience will be more enjoyable once you know the past.

You can relate your country to your present if you are a French,Dutch,British or Portuguese.I allocate at least 3 to 4 hours in a city to see the museums and to understand the unique culture of the region.I could hear songs at the back and when I turned back what a lovely seen unfolds in front of me.There were three Trikshaws all decorated with different colourful lights with a loud local music and joyful passengers in them.

When I reached the Dutch Square  I could see the Christ Church built in 1753 with its Dutch Architecture when Dutch took over the town from Portuguese and its beautiful Red colour.The whole place was littered with Red buildings  Museums,Official residences of Governors,Malay Houses and one day the square will be called as Red Square.

There were many Tourists sitting on parapets after a long walk into the streets of this UNESCO World Heritage Town enjoying in their memories of the past and trying to connect with the present fast changing world.

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