Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How To Do A Walking Trail in Melaka

I have done many trails in different countries but every time I have to ask someone to choose a path or to identify a spot in which I am interested.I always go crazy by the replies I get.The person always gives a wrong direction and many times I have to backtrack the path and start the process again.One in 100 gives a right reply or say I do not know,Sorry.

But in Melaka the River side Trail is beautifully marked and no wonder many take the path in the early morning or in the late afternoon and enjoy the scenes around.As you start from Jonker street which is the most visited place by all Tourists the steps lead to a fantastic walkway where 4 people can comfortably walk along side.

There is a sign board at regular intervals which shows the place you are in and how much more you need to cover.It also indicates the by lanes available and one can choose any one of them to go out and start shopping in the antique store or chocolate shops 

The Walking Trail is there on both the sides of the River which is another attraction to the Tourists.The houses on both the sides of the river are decorated with paintings which displays the Straits Settlements life,the Peranakan style of living.

The classic Restaurants are lined up with comfortable chairs and tables and a good view of the river.It is a wonderful experience to see the boats full of Tourists and their noises and awes and enjoy a candle light dinner with occasional showers spoiling the sport.

As I walk along I came across a hanging garden with beautiful creepers and hanging lights.I enjoyed the lighting when I took the River cruise in the late night hours on my first day in Melaka..The house on the banks houses many traditional crafts items and eats.

There is also access from the roadside where one Can park their vehicles and take the walking tour of the River Melaka.There were few shops selling cane baskets,traditional dresses,wood carved items,old metal wares,beautiful lamp shades and eatables.

The path has many walk boards and one can see beautiful coloured fishes in the river as one walks along.Many Tourists come to Melaka to have a good ethnic food and the streets are flooded with stalls and no one minds standing and tasting the food on the streets.

When the Portuguese arrived in Asia they brought foodstuff and cooking ideas from their settlements in Africa,South America and India as well as from their own country.These were combined and adopted by the locals to create a truly International cuisine and Melaka boasts many of them.

There is also children play ground with lots of amusement themes and a big Giant wheel from which one can see the picturesque surroundings from a good height.Want to be at the happening spot in Malaysia.Then head towards Melaka

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