Thursday, January 23, 2014

Vignettes From A Vibrant Jonker Street In Melaka

Jonker street is the centre of attraction in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Melaka city.The street with its historical and culture in its roots attracts visitors  and is one of the spots frequented by Tourists on any day.Here Tourists can look at old monumental buildings with various architectures which are all being maintained and well preserved.There are many eateries,souvenir stalls,craft bazaars lining throughout the street.If any one is interested in the old local culture Jonker street is the place to visit.In the weekends the streets are closed for traffic and stalls are being put in and turns into lively night market.

The famous night life sets in with different cultural programmes staged.During festive seasons the whole place is full of activity.There different accommodations lined up to suit different tastes and budget in this street with heritage houses dating back to 17 th century.In the 15 th and 16 th century rich Perankans descendants of chinese immigrants married local Malay woman and started building these houses.

There are shops which give cycles for hire and one can go around the city enjoying the street scenes as he/she pedals his/her way through the city.However it will not be long before the weekend market will be thrown open to traffic and all the road side markets will have to give way for the traffic.

The old charm of walking through the night market will go away after the closure.The local minister would like to stop this opening of roads to traffic as he says this is Jonker street and not Jonker Drive.So better land in Melaka in Malaysian Tourism year 2014 and enjoy the walk before the ban comes in to force 

  This is a close up of a Pin board in front of a Boutique Hotel and is continuously being updated by Tourists

                               A display of Colourful Hats waiting to be worn by Tourists

                              Bicycle are ready to be Hired by Tourists at reasonable rates

                              Various Kind of Kashmiri Silk Materials on Display

Decorative Dolls on display in one of the shops

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