Monday, January 27, 2014

So Where Do You Belong -Street Art In Melaka, Malaysia

After the nights tour on the boat along the River I decided to walk the stretch next day morning.After having my free breakfast in Backpackers Freak hostel in the Midtown of Melaka, a centre place for Frugal Tourists like me.All the sight seeing places are in and around the hostel and within walking distance including the Menara Taming Seri which gives a 360 Degree birds eye view of the city and sea shores from a height.

It was a surprise for me to see all the houses abetting the canal have this street arts painted on them.I was lucky being nearer to this place where all the buildings have been covered with colourful paintings going with its culture and being part of UNESCO Heritage city.

I was told that this is one of the official Art projects run by the Mayor introduced to show the local artists work to the Tourists who throng over thee weekend from nearby Singapore and KL.This beautiful art work adds to the charm and uniqueness of its culture.

The atmosphere here encourages the visitors to peep into these art pieces and one should see their expression of wow what a beauty !!Some of the paintings may not look like a master art piece but definitely conveys the charm with which it has been painted.

I know everyone who visits Melaka say this art to their friends and no wonder it has caught the attention of the world.Imagine the art where once 84 languages were being regularly spoken in this town.No doubt this nine kilometre walkway is lined with this wall art throughout.

There are many bridges which forms part of the walk have fantastic looks.No doubt the water front is well lit night and it looked like a land of fairy tales and the children's happy shouting late last night still lingers in my ears.

The Institute of Arts Melaka Malaysia plays a vital role in creating its own artistic community who are experts in various fields.The Institute conducts training programme in schools and colleges and Carry's out shows to portray the Malaysian culture at State and International Levels.In the Melaka Arts and 

Performance festival which is being conducted in November many artists from Australia,France,Ireland,Indonesia,Italy,Netherlands,Poland,South Korea,Malaysia participates and showcase their skills.

I ended my Lazy Morning walk along the river bank and now I am heading to China Town to have my second breakfast  and  Recoup my lost energy .

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