Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Do You Know The Forgotten Tomb In Melaka

Hang Kasturi was one of the five great warrior brothers who fought for the Melacca Sultanate in the early struggle.His other brothers were Hang Tuah,Hang Jebat,Hang Lakir and Lang Leklu.The five brothers were great warriors during the reign of the Melaka Sultanate especially during the regime of  Sultan Mansur Shah(1456-1477).

The courage and strength of the Five warriors plus the wisdom of the Bendhara Tun Perak  to back up and help Melacca Sultanate to expand the Melacca empire up as far as the Malacca Archipalego  and thus the Melacca empire maintained the respective friends and foes.in the Malay Annals Hang Kasturi was  set to be a traitor for killing his brother.

Hang Tuah who was hidden by the Prime Minister without proper investigation took revenge and killed Hang Kasturi in a big battle for being a traitor to Sultanate.But in another story told by many locals that Hang Jebat was the actual traitor who finally died in the arm of Hang Tuah.The structure of Tomb  were much influenced by the Art and Architecture from India..

This Tomb has Sun light coming from all directions which is rare in a Tomb structure.This Tomb never became a place of worship and many do not know its existance as well

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