Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rediscover Age Old Vehicle-Colourful Tri Rikshaws of Melaka

When you travel in South East Asia you will definitely come across Tricycle driven by Men mostly yet I have to see one driven by Women,But I was told in Kolkata even Women pull hand Rickshaws. On my first night in Melaka  I came across these colourful Rickshaws and were zipping past me with beautiful colour lights and sound music.It was a an enchanting site to see the marvels past by and wait at the Tourist spots for Travellers to get in.

Tri Rikshaw

Can you believe where this Tri Rickshaws were invented,The Technically advanced Land of Japan.It spread to all advanced nations like Singapore,North America,Asia,Europe,Africa.Slowly they become powered and converted themselves to Auto Rickshaws in India,Tuk Tuk in Indonesia,Thailand & Philippines.It has a seating capacity for Two and easily Three Asian people can squeeze in and an easy alternate transportation option for the people . The cost of Travel will be less than  half Euro in any city at today's  price.

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